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About Us


Middle East & North Africa Regional Consulting Limited (MENARC) is a boutique communications consultancy firm based in London which draws on its vast network of EU and locally based consultants to deliver strategic intelligence to organisations in the UK, North Africa and the wider Middle East.  We strive to foster comprehensive and mutually beneficial exchanges based on respect and understanding.  

 Our dedicated team of consultants brings together an array of specialisation and experience.  Covering the MENA region, we are able to provide resources in multidisciplinary fields, covering all aspects of political affairs, public relations, public affairs, media relations, campaign management, print publishing, digital marketing, effective networking, branding, as well as the cultural and social media insights; allowing for coordinated and integrated service provision for clients  across a multitude of sectors. 

Our objective is to provide in-depth strategic insight.  We will collate, authenticate, analyse information, and provide strategic recommendations via organising discussions, conferences and publications.  The most appropriate channels, be that select networking in the right quarters and civil society actors, a social media campaign, a seminar or conference; and through reports, briefings, and publications, we aim to fulfil the intended objectives and broaden the desired message and knowledge base.


Our membership and collaboration with various research centres, policy institutions, grass-roots actors, media groups and respected academics, will enable us to contribute with up-to-date relevant research, events, policy discussion and advise on strategy.