Middle East & North Africa Regional Consulting Limited is a boutique advisory company which draws on its vast network of EU and locally based consultants to deliver strategic intelligence and support to organisations seeking to optimise operations in North Africa and the wider Middle East, and those from the MENA looking to operate in Europe and North America.



Your Vision, Our Inspiration

Changes in political contexts are shaping the future of global relations. MENARC will accompany you in identifying and creating new opportunities, key to building sustainable perspectives.

Mapping Complex Landscapes

Europe is a patchwork of competing cultures and narratives; politics and laws.

MENARC will help you build productive networks and lasting coalitions as well as deliver tools to optimise your operations within a multi-stakeholder environment.

Opening Channels Of Trust

European and MENA relations have prospered for centuries through equitable trade.

At MENARC we strive to foster comprehensive and mutually beneficial exchanges based on respect and understanding.

Delivering Detail And Context

To craft enduring patterns, each individual idea is set with purpose and plan.

MENARC provides you with insights to lay out your strategy, as well as actionable expertise on the cultural context in which to cement your global vison.